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Verbot 5 for Unity 3D: Coming Soon

Great News

I am very happy to announce my new project, Verbot 5 for Unity 3D

What is a Verbot?

Verbots (Verbally Enchanted Software Robots)  is a popular chatbot program and Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Windows platform and for the web, created by Dr. Michael Mauldin and Peter Plantec.

More at:

How can I use a 3D model in a conversation?

If you use assets similar to these:
SALSART-VoiceYou will have a much better dialogue.

Is there any software that uses Verbot?

Verbot 5 player is a great program to test your chatbots made in the Verbot Knowedgebase Editor.

If you access this link, in the comments part, you can find very useful links.

Where can I find the Verbot manual?

The manual can be found on this site. If you want to download the file, visit this tutorial.

Where can I get the source code?

At the moment the project is under development, but I can confirm that I'm getting great results.Soon a demo for Windos will be availa…