Verbot 5 for Unity 3D: Coming Soon

Great News

I am very happy to announce my new project, Verbot 5 for Unity 3D

What is a Verbot?

Verbots (Verbally Enchanted Software Robots)  is a popular chatbot program and Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Windows platform and for the web, created by Dr. Michael Mauldin and Peter Plantec.

More at:

How can I use a 3D model in a conversation?

If you use assets similar to these:
SALSART-VoiceYou will have a much better dialogue.

Is there any software that uses Verbot?

Verbot 5 player is a great program to test your chatbots made in the Verbot Knowedgebase Editor.

If you access this link, in the comments part, you can find very useful links.

Where can I find the Verbot manual?

The manual can be found on this site. If you want to download the file, visit this tutorial.

Where can I get the source code?

At the moment the project is under development, but I can confirm that I'm getting great results.Soon a demo for Windos will be availa…

AIML(Program #) for Unity 3D v2 - Upgrade!

AIML(Program #) for Unity 3D v2 - Upgrade!

You can find the project here:

You can find the tutorial here:

Web Support Save and load user data. (name, age, country and etc ..)

Save and load a byte Array in Unity 3D

This example demonstrates how to save and load a "byte array" with more than 200,000 elements using "PlayerPrefs" (Unity 3D) relatively quickly.
     When you save or load a "byte array" very large, the game may freeze a bit and then back to normal.
     In this example we are saving and loading an image. The greater the height and width of the image, the greater will be the "byte array" and the greater will be the game freezing time.
     You can modify this example to save other types of array (string, int, float, etc ...).

     CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
     Public Domain Dedication

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AIML(Program #) for Unity 3D - Tutorial


How to publish your game done in Unity 3D or HTML5/JavaScript - Deprecated (does not work)


This method is deprecated (does not work)

After much time developing his game he is finally ready to be played. But how to publish your game?

There are several web hosting services that you can choose. But most are paid and the free version is very limited. And those who are 100% free fill your page with advertisements.

But there is a very simple and fast way to publish their games. Just you have an account in Google Drive.

After you connect to your account, create a new folder.

Now let's make it visible on the Internet.

Now click on "Change ...".

Choose "Public on the web" and then click "Save".

Now upload the file of your game, in the folder you we just created.

Download my file

Now open a new tab and copy and paste the following address into the URL bar:

Now go to the tab of your Google drive and copy the code from your folder:

Your tab should look like this:…



Scrubbing brush

Basic exercise on Connect and Scatter. --//-- Exercício básico sobre Connect e Scatter.