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AIML(Program #) for Unity 3D v2 - Upgrade!

AIML(Program #) for Unity 3D v2 - Upgrade!

You can find the project here:

You can find the tutorial here:

Web Support Save and load user data. (name, age, country and etc ..)

Save and load a byte Array in Unity 3D

This example demonstrates how to save and load a "byte array" with more than 200,000 elements using "PlayerPrefs" (Unity 3D) relatively quickly.
     When you save or load a "byte array" very large, the game may freeze a bit and then back to normal.
     In this example we are saving and loading an image. The greater the height and width of the image, the greater will be the "byte array" and the greater will be the game freezing time.
     You can modify this example to save other types of array (string, int, float, etc ...).

     CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
     Public Domain Dedication

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